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CHIN AM 1540 is the first multicultural/multilingual radio station to be established in Ontario.  CHIN AM started broadcasting on June 6, 1966, followed a year later by CHIN FM 100.7 in 1967.   CHIN is the pioneer in multicultural radio broadcasting and has led the way for similar broadcast operations to be established in other communities.

CHIN is not only “unique in Toronto,” but also “unique in Ottawa/Gatineau."  CHIN Ottawa CJLL 97.9FM began its unique multicultural/multilingual style of broadcasting to the Ottawa/Gatineau region in October 2003, and is the very first third language radio service in our nation’s capital.  CHIN Ottawa 97.9FM CJLL is committed to serving the greatest number of cultural groups and communities as possible and serves up to 40 distinct cultural communities.

CHIN reaches out in over 50 languages to more than 100 cultural communities in the greater metropolitan Toronto and southern Ontario areas on CHIN AM1540/FM100.7, and over 20 languages and cultures in the Ottawa/Gatineau region on 97.9FM CJLL.  The contribution of CHIN to the cause of multiculturalism, understanding and tolerance between people of many national, racial and religious origins has been recognized and acknowledged throughout Canada.

CHIN Radio is now broadcasting Worldwide and available live over the internet or via our CHIN Radio Mobile App.

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CHIN Radio Toronto: AM1540 | FM91.9 | FM100.7

CHIN Radio Ottawa:  FM97.9

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