Martin Silva

Martin SilvaMartin Silva wanted to be a radio announcer ever since his parents sent him a few dollars to buy his first radio at the age of 7. When he arrived in Toronto in 1968, he was surprised to hear Portuguese in the evenings on the radio dial. This is how he found out about CHIN. In 1973, Johnny Lombardi, founder of CHIN Radio/TV International, for the first time, decided to try a morning Portuguese program on AM (the only band then available on car radios). Martin was hired. His sense of humour, and the clowning informality of the show, following the style of the mainstream stations morning programs, was an instant hit with the Portuguese audiences, who were used to very formal announcers. By 1982, car radios had been greatly improved, and the program was moved to FM. Martin continued to be the voice of CHIN’s Portuguese morning radio until September 1988, when he ran for City Councillor representing Ward 4 of the City of Toronto. He was elected. Even as a City Councillor, his love of radio still brought him back to CHIN to do the occasional program on special topics, such as the weekly broadcasts in 1993, leading up to the celebrations of the Portuguese community’s 40th anniversary of the official immigration to Canada. In 1997, as he puts it, he was “unelected” after 3 terms at City Hall. After a short interval “to send his ego for repairs,” he returned to CHIN in 2004.