Fatima Martins

Fatima MartinsFátima Martins inherited from her father, who was an excellent amateur theater actor, and with whom she performed sometimes, an extroverted character. A prime communicator, she was born in Amora, Seixal municipality, where she took and finished the Administration and Commerce course. In Toronto, she did not waste the opportunity to work for CIRV FM 88.9, as a seller of advertising and announcer, work that was crucial in the contact with the Portuguese Community. She was a coordinator for the project "50 years later, we speak Portuguese," included in the commemoration of the arrival of Portuguese pioneers to Canada, which involved all Portuguese schools in Ontario and Manitoba. She worked as a volunteer at St. Christopher's House, performed the functions of public relations at Casa das Beiras deToronto and she was Secretary and Public Relations at Casa dos Açores do Ontário, where she is an honorary member. For two years, she was the Public Relations for PALUCA (the Annual Luso Canadian Picnic). At City TV, she hosted talk shows and she is an "habitué” as the emcee at community festivities. In 2007, Fátima joined the CHIN FM 100.7 Portuguese team as a studio and remote announcer. Fátima loves a good conversation and in her spare time she likes staying at home in pajamas. She also loves traveling and reading. She speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish.