Vittorio Coco

Vittorio CocoI was born in Roccagorga in the province of Latina on November 11, 1939. At the age of 20, I emigrated from Italy in order to join my father, who immigrated to Canada in March 1958. I have a wonderful family, including my wife, my son, my daughter-in-law and my two grandchildren. I am of Catholic religion and I have always been a Christian democrat. In Canada, I attended the Alberta College of Arts and Institutes. As a journalist, with some of my friends I have founded three Italian newspapers in Canada: Il Mondo, Il Messaggero delle Praterie and Il Faro. I have held the position of manager for both The World and Il Messaggero delle Praterie, publishing director for Il Faro, and managing editor for Il Giornale di Toronto. I am also the president of various operations including the publishing house Snowbank Canada, the Fattoria di Vittorio, End Music, Roccagorga Social and Cultural Club of Canada, and Orchidea Publishing Inc. Currently, I hold the honorary presidency of the Canadian Confederation of Clubs and Lazio Associations (I have left the presidency after reigning for six years). As well, I am the Political Secretary of UDC Canada, a member of Comites consular circoscrizione Toronto, and the coordinator of MCL (Movimento Cristiano Lavoratori) Canada. Furthermore, I have done testimonials for the Children's Hospital of Toronto and other charitable associations. In representation of the Comites, I have been part of the Canadian Lay Committee of the Worldwide Day of the Youth in Toronto (July 21-28, 2002). Over the years, I have collaborated with the Toronto Sun, World Soccer, Il Resto del Carlino, and various other newspapers and reviews. However, since November 1, 1973, I have worked for CHIN Radio/Television International. I have always been a part of the managing team as creative director of the Sunday Italian television program “Festival Italiano di Johnny Lombardi,” of which I am also the co-host. As a director I have produced a documentary on Christopher Columbus, which retraced his travels and points of disembarkment. Moreover, I have co-produced footage on the earthquakes in Mexico, Irpinia and Friuli for both radio and television. Along with my television productions, I would also like to mention some of the high-profile interviews I have conducted, including astronaut, Neil Armstrong, (San Remo 1998), Cuban president, Fidel Castro (Havana 1984) and former president of the USA, Ronald Regan (Summit 6 G Toronto 1988). In 1998 and 1999 I had the opportunity to host the Festival of San Remo with Augusto Milana, chief editor of RAI International. Moreover, in collaboration with some friends, colleagues, and musicians, I have also had the opportunity of composing music (approximately 70 songs).