Umberto Manca

Umberto MancaAlthough I never won a jackpot, not even at the 5 cent slot machine, I consider myself a fortunate person, since I've been able to do the job I've always wanted to do as a teen - to work on radio. But my secret love is music. I wanted to become a musician, so I studied piano, sax and clarinet, but Liberace and Benny Goodman stole the show from me. Desperate, I left Italy and sailed to Canada. My first job was to interview Johnny Lombardi for a local Italian newspaper. I wrote so many good things about him and CHIN Radio that he offered me a job as a supervisor. I accepted joyfully. It seems I was doing well because 3 days later JBL appointed me manager of Italian Programs, and six months after that, Vice President of Italian Programs. Proudly following the advice of JBL, I organized the News Department and started the most provocative talk show in Canada. It was a sort of love/hate relationship, a practical, ideological revolution in which old and dangerous traditions from the dark ages were desecrated on air. CHIN Radio is a bridge between different cultures, traditions and ideals...and I am part of the CHIN team who built this bridge.